hausofmphilly replied to your post: k hi who’s on no-one okay

Only the Australians are :P

Hi Michael how is you~

Oh also what shit went down after I left the Tinychat? All I remember was hearing Hummingbird Heartbeat and then having to go

 hitsuzen09 replied to your post: k hi who’s on no-one okay

i’m on.

hey honey b how is you~

  1. htsvzn said: gurl i is gewd. hapi halowen
  2. acidwashheart said: I went to have dinner a while after (Amanda left at the same time), and when I came back, everyone was talking about the stupid stereotypes of being gay. AJ then gave us a tour of his street, where we saw Creepy Gaga a few times.
  3. desertalien666 said: DON’T HATE ON THE KATY. HAIII ~~~ JK. TXT IT.
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